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Home » How to Prepare for Hurricane Season
September 21, 2022

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

The best way for Southeast boat owners to deal with hurricane season every year is to have a proper
plan in place and most importantly be prepared to execute it.

When a severe storm approaches, boaters should monitor weather reports regularly to determinea boat docked at a dock
the extent of threat to local areas in relation to where their boat is located. The right side of a
hurricane is its most potentially dangerous section, thus the path of the eye of the hurricane is of
critical importance. Also the distance from the center of the hurricane and the category of the storm
are vitally important. A nearly direct impact of a severe storm will bring extreme water levels.

Hurricanes may have winds up to 190 mph but they also may trigger tornadoes, ten to twenty foot
storm surges, increased tides, soaring waves, and rain falling over two or three inches per hour.

Be prepared

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