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Home » Boat Insurance Contents Protection
August 3, 2022

Boat Insurance Contents Protection

Boats nowadays come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the intended use, boats come with risks. A variety of perils may damage the boat, harm its passengers and ruin their property. 

Should a boat experience a hazard, you could lose the boat and many of its onboard contents. That’s why most boat insurance comes with contents coverage. Make sure your policy comes with appropriate coverage for all the personal items you bring aboard. 

Contents Coverage for Boats 

Besides to the hull, boats come with many permanent contents that aid in operations. These may include: a small boat in a body of water

  • Anchors and Oars 

  • Extra gas tanks or batteries, tools and maintenance items 

  • Safety devices like fire extinguishers or first aid kits 

  • Lifesaving equipment like rafts, life jackets or preservers 

However, they may not be the only contents your boat contains. The boat may hold other permanent attachments, such as: 

  • Attached appliances such as TVs or grills 

  • Recreational equipment like attached water slides 

  • Seating areas with cushions, or other accents like attached canopies 

Most permanent items usually have contents coverage under your boat insurance policy. Contents protection can often replace or repair damaged items following various hazards. Covered hazards may include fire, theft, sinking, flooding, hull loss or other perils. 

However, contents coverage is often not all-inclusive. Some policies may exclude certain contents or hazards from coverage under their policies.  

To qualify for contents coverage, most items often have to be permanent fixtures of the boat. For example, if you decide to add a TV to the boat that was not originally part of the vessel, your contents coverage may not cover the TV. Talk to you insurance agent about the best way to insure new additions to the boat. 

Coverage for Other Personal Property 

Personal property may be much more expansive than only the permanent attachments. You and your guests may bring personal effects like cell phones, clothing or other valuables onto the vessel. 

Many boat insurance policies come with personal effects coverage. This may extend personal property protection to both you and any invited guests. One thing to keep in mind about personal effects coverage is that it has limits. It may only compensate you for a percentage of the cost of lost items. Therefore, boat owners should be careful with the property they bring on their boats. Protective measures can often help the owners of the property. 

Do you need boat insurance? Let Casey Insurance Group help you get a strong, effective policy. Call us at 888-537-1412  for a fast, free policy quote.  

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