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Home » Getting the Proper Boat Insurance for Your Sailboat
October 16, 2017

Getting the Proper Boat Insurance for Your Sailboat

Boat bow

Sailboat owners shouldn’t hit the water without boat insurance. However, insuring a vessel requires you to consider the type of vessel in use. For example, sailboats often rely mainly on wind power, while motorboats usually rely on electric power. These varying forms of operations may impact the types of risks a boat faces.

Sailboats, need specialized insurance to keep them protected on the water. When insuring a sailboat, boaters should also protect the boat at all times to keep it in good condition.

Insuring a Sailboat

Sailboats often come with complex rigging and operating systems. These may differ from motor boats. As opposed to motorized boats, sailboats may place a higher degree of reliance on natural phenomena and manual operations. Sailboat insurance should take the specific characteristics and operating requirements of the sailing vessel into account.

Boaters must ensure their policy relates effectively to the boat. Tell your insurance agent about the specifications of your sailboat. Ensure that your boat is specifically covered as a sailboat, and talk to your agent about the way you utilize your rigging and other operating systems. Your agent may then be able to help you develop a policy as it pertains specifically to sailing vessels. Make sure you have coverage for hull specifications, riggings and the materials you use to conduct operations.

Get Coverage for On- and Off-Water Risks

Most boaters’ insurance policies will cover them from a variety of operating risks. Policies may include collision, injury, liability and property damage coverage. Sailboat operator should talk to their agent about how they plan to use your vessel. An insurance agent can make sure they hit the water carrying appropriate, active insurance.

Nonetheless, a boat often can’t stay on the water at all times. Boaters may need to transport or store the boat on dry land. Sailboat owners should always ensure that it contains both and land coverage. This can help better ensure coverage of the boat on dry land.

Some boat owners assume that their home or auto insurance will cover their boat on land. However, this isn’t always true. These policies may exclude boats, or not provide adequate coverage for losses. Boaters should use their policy as a guideline for taking care of their boat. They can go further to ensure they receive maximum benefits should they have to make a claim.

Do you need Florida sailboat insurance? Call Casey Insurance Group at (888) 537-1412 for a fast, free quote on an affordable policy. 

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