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Home » You’ve Finished an Excursion, What Happens to Your Sail?
July 14, 2017

You’ve Finished an Excursion, What Happens to Your Sail?

You’re probably going to use your boat a lot during the summer. Taking your sailboat on an excursion is a relaxing and fun way to spend a warm, sunny day. However, all good things come to an end. You eventually have to return to port.

After returning from an excursion, boat owners should take steps to secure both the boat and the sail. The sail is an expensive and vital operating component of your sailboat. If it were to sustain damage, the sail could become a loss, and deprive you of a great recreational activity.

As a sailboat owner, you can take steps to protect your vessel’s sail from preventable damage. By protecting your sail, you can reduce your insurance risks and keep the sail in top condition.

Boat Insurance and Sail Protection

Sailboat insurance protects you from unforeseeable and unpreventable incidents. When sailing, your boat insurance likely provides protection for your sail. However, you also have to protect the boat during periods of storage or non-use.

Boat insurance policies will usually cover your boat and your sail when you store the boat. However, make sure you talk to your insurance agent when you get coverage.

Your agent can make sure to add the coverage to protect these vital items when they are in storage. Make sure you tell the agent how and where you plan to store the boat and sail. Also tell the agent if you store the sail on the boat or in a remote location. The agent will tell you if you have to follow any special precautions when storing the boat.

Protecting Your Sail After Use

After you complete an excursion, take steps to secure your boat’s sail. Protecting the sail will help extend its life and lower its insurance risks.

  • Periodically clean the sail and any of its attachments. Remove spray, rust and any accumulated debris. You often need to let your sail dry before putting it away.
  • If you notice deterioration or damage in the sail or its attachments, repair or replace the parts.
  • Always follow manufacturer directions when maintaining your sail.
  • Store the sail in a dry, clean space. It is often best to store the sail in a sealed bag, if you have one. Doing so can help the sail stay dry and reduces the risk of pest contamination.

Always keep in mind where you have to store your sail. Some boat insurance policies might need you to store the sail on the boat to maintain coverage. Others allow you to store the sail off the vessel. Whatever method you use, your sail’s protection should stay at the front of your mind.

We’ve got you covered. Casey Insurance Group can help you get Florida sailboat insurance to protect your vessel and its accessories. Call us today at (888) 537-1412 for more information.

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