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Home » Five Upkeep Tips You Need to Boost Your Boat Insurance Value
June 13, 2017

Five Upkeep Tips You Need to Boost Your Boat Insurance Value

BoatSurprises account for a majority of boat insurance claims. However, improper upkeep can whittle away at your coverage. When it comes to insurance, you’re better off not taking any chances.

Simple preventative maintenance, if done consistently, can protect your boat. In fact, damages that come from lack or preventative maintenance often don’t have coverage under your insurance policy. To get the most out of your plan, protect your watercraft and ensure greatest fiscal protection, take note of the following tips.

Tip One: Replace the Raw Water Pump Impeller

Your boat’s raw water pump impeller is a star-shaped piece of pump. It delivers cooling water into your engine, keeping it from overheating. It’s inexpensive, but its absence can degrade—or even break—your engine. Get it replaced every two years.

Tip Two: Remove the Drain Plug During Storage

If you’re going to store your boat, make sure you remove the drain plug. Otherwise, your boat may collect water while stored. If the water collects into a pool, your boat’s interior will suffer.

Tip Three: Use a Boat Cover

It might seem obvious, but use a boat cover during storage. Boat covers protect a boat’s lining from dust, mildew and critters. Plus, it spares you extra cleaning jobs. If you haven’t yet, buy a boat cover immediately.

Tip Four: Check Your Boat’s Market Value

Too often, boat owners assume their boat policy is similar to their auto policy—in that it’ll cover all damages. Boat coverage, however, has a limited liability. It might only cover up to the craft’s market value, so make sure you’re up to date on said market value.

Tip Five: Clean Your Boat’s Upholstery

You should be cleaning its upholstery several times per season. Be careful with any cleaning chemicals, however. The wrong cleaner can destroy your upholstery’s material. Conduct seasonal cleanings with care. Research your boat’s manufacturer details before taking a rag to the seats.

Always double-check the paint, and check your craft’s battery at least twice per year. Electrical connections can wear down, when exposed to salt water. While everything “under the hood” is usually protected, moisture can still be a problem. Handle maintenance with care, and protect your investment from the ground up.

Check with your boat insurance provider, and understand the ins and outs of any coverage. Once you’ve learned the dynamics of your boat’s maintenance needs, you’ll be ready to fortify your craft.

We’ve got you covered. Casey Insurance Group can help you get a Florida boat insurance policy that is comprehensive and affordable. Call us at (888) 537-1412 for more information. 

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