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Home » Checklist for Prepping your Boat for the Season
February 24, 2017

Checklist for Prepping your Boat for the Season

image of man driving boatSoon, it will be time to
dust off the sails and motors and prepare your boat for a new season on the

If you kept the boat in
storage for the winter, there is always the chance of deterioration while in
storage. Mold could grow, frames could crack and other pieces could break.
Sensitive systems like your generator, your compass or your engine may

Make sure you take proper
steps to protect both your craft and your risks after you take the boat out of
storage. Following some of these recommendations could protect your safety and
save you money.

Check Your Systems

It is best to check all
your boat’s internal systems before you put it out on the water.

Check the boat’s
hull, frame and structure for signs of cracks, breaks or mold.

Ensure that
machinery like engines, electrical appliances and systems work properly. Check
that they don’t show imminent signs of breakdown.

Inspect the sails,
ropes and mooring to ensure that these safety guards are strong. If these items
fray or have broken down, then it is time to replace them.

Restock and
inspect your safety gear. Replace damaged first aid kits, fire extinguishers,
emergency flares and other hazard suppressants.

If you keep dry
stores of supplies or food on the boat, throw away expired items. Make sure
that the storage area is still safe so that it can keep preserving new items.

Make sure that
your water gear is safe. Check life vests, rafts, buoys and other life-guarding
materials before setting out.

Check the boat’s
anchor and ballast systems to make sure they function properly.

Have Your Boat Inspected

If you don’t want to make
safety checks alone, have your boat inspected by professional repairmen. They
can catch all and every issue, and notify you of the severity of it.

Review Your Boating

Make sure that your boat
insurance is up to date before you start out on the water.

If you’ve added
appliances to your boat while you had it in storage, this may impact your
insurance coverage. Update your policy with the changes before heading out.

You may have
adjusted your insurance from active to storage coverage when you stored the
craft. Make sure that you switch your policy back to active coverage before the

Your Miami boat insurance is
valuable coverage in case of incidents involving the craft. However, be a
responsible sailor. Check your boat before getting on the water. Casey
Insurance Group
can guide you when you need to check your insurance policy.
Call us at (888) 537-1412.

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