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Home » Storing Your Sails Safely
January 23, 2017

Storing Your Sails Safely

image of boat sailYour boat faces risks while it is in storage. That’s why it is never a good idea to cancel your boat insurance policy during the winter.

Not only should you keep your boat insurance, you should always store the boat during the winter. As you prepare to put the boat away, you often have to take steps to protect the different pieces of the craft.

If your boat isn’t stored properly, the risk of damages increases. Many policies have special requirements for storage.

Sailboats come in many shapes and sizes and have different pieces. Among these pieces is the sail itself.

Sails are complex and versatile pieces of equipment. But, you have to take good care of them to maximize their uses.

You don’t want holes, contamination or other damages to happen to the sail. The good news is that most sailboat insurance policies cover your sails. However, insurance could deny your claim if you don’t store the sail correctly.

Proper sail storage during the winter helps protect it for the next season. Many sails have recommended storage practices. You may have to put some in bags, hang others from ceilings, while having to roll others. You should always try to guard your sails from the following storage risks:

  • Theft: If you store your sail within your boat, tie it down or keep it in a locked area of the boat. If you store the sail elsewhere, you should keep it in a locked area or secure it with a locking chain.
  • Pests: Stored sails are areas where mice, spiders and other vermin can nest. These infestations can damage your sails. Make sure you seal containers and close storage bags. If you store the sail on a shelf, make sure the shelf is clean and that pests don’t have easy access to any openings in bags.
  • Temperature: Excess heat and excess cold can damage sails. They can cause wood, plastics and fibers to break, distort or melt. Storage subjects sails to long-term, constant exposure to heat or cold. Keep the sail in a place that is not subject to harsh temperature changes.
  • Moisture: Moisture poses a huge risk to sails when they aren’t in use. Like heat, residual moisture can cause materials to corrode and deteriorate. Moisture also poses the risk of mold growth. Before storing your sail, make sure that it is entirely dry.

Also, be aware. Some insurance policies require you to store the sail with the boat to keep coverage active on the sail.

By properly storing your boat’s sail, you reduce the risk of damages. You can start the next season out strong. If you need help determining how to protect your boat with Florida sailboat insurance, call Casey Insurance Group at (888) 537-1412. You can also find more information by exploring our website.

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