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Home » Do You Need Uninsured Boater Coverage for Your Sailboat?
July 20, 2016

Do You Need Uninsured Boater Coverage for Your Sailboat?

SailboatSailboat insurance is not always a requirement. While it typically makes good financial sense for a boat owner to have proper boat insurance on their vehicle, there are many instances in which this just does not happen. If you are out on the water and doing everything right, it can be frustrating when an accident occurs that is no fault of your own and there is possibly no way to be compensated because the other boat owner doesn’t have insurance. You could take them to court but that’s a long-term solution that may offer little outcome. Instead, consider the value of caring underinsured or uninsured boaters coverage.

What is Underinsured Coverage?

This type of insurance can to protect you. It is able to provide coverage to you for injuries and proper losses you suffer as the result of another person’s mistakes or negligence. The policy only applies when the other boat owner that is responsible for the losses fails to have coverage to protect your losses. If you are legally able to recover damages from the other boat owner or operator because of your losses, then you may be able to file a claim against your uninsured boat insurance policy.

Imagine a hit and run situation. You and your guests are enjoying yourself when another boater approaches and damages your boat in a collision. It is nighttime and you can’t see well enough to know who is at the helm or even which boat it is. Your uninsured boat coverage can help to cover your losses in situations like this. In fact, it can be a relief to know that you do have a financial option when you do not know who to blame for the losses.

Getting Sailboat Insurance to Protect You

Boat insurance that covers against uninsured or underinsured boaters is not something to overlook. Many boat owners don’t realize just how valuable such types of insurance can be especially in situations where the damage is significant or done when no one was around to notice who did it. With this type of boat insurance, you can feel good knowing that there is at least some level of protection available to you.

Get out there and enjoy the sunshine with safety in mind. Call Casey Insurance Group at (954) 474-3387 for more information on Miami sailboat insurance.

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