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Home » What You Can Expect with Boat Insurance
March 12, 2015

What You Can Expect with Boat Insurance

image of man and women on boatSo you’ve finally decided to purchase a boat this coming summer. Although you’re almost certainly going to have fun with that new vehicle, you also want to protect yourself against potential hazards and unexpected circumstances. For that, you need boat insurance.

What can you expect with boat insurance? It’s more than car insurance for a vehicle without wheels. That’s because the storage, transportation and use of boats is totally different from that of automobiles.

For starters, you can expect boat insurance to cover your boat if it sinks or capsizes (if you’re just getting started with boats, that’s when it turns upside down in the water). You can also expect coverage if your boat is damaged due to a storm, fire, stranding or collision. Finally, if your boat is stolen or vandalized, a typical boat insurance policy will cover that as well.

You also have property coverage with boat insurance. This goes beyond the hull and the electronics on board. Any fixtures will be covered as well. Additionally, anchors, oars, trolling motors, tools, detachable canopies, personal flotation devices (PFDs), skis, dinghies and seat cushions can also be covered with the right policy. You many also wish to cover the trailer that you use to transport your boat.

Boat liability insurance also exists. This is because accidents happen on the water as well as on the road. It’s possible that you could mistakenly slip while boating and cause your steering wheel to turn hard to port. That could lead to a collision for which you are at fault.

In that case, you’ll be happy that you had liability insurance. That will provide coverage for your accident and for a number of other expenses, including medical costs for bodily injury, property damage and attorney fees. It should be noted that the medical coverage provision will cover parties onboard either boat, yours or the one that you hit.

Boating is certainly an enjoyable hobby. Give yourself some peace of mind with quality boat insurance before you venture out on the water.

Need assistance? Call Casey Insurance Group at 888-537-1412 for more information on boat coverage.

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