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Home » Preventive RV Maintenance
November 14, 2014

Preventive RV Maintenance

RV on the RoadMost RV owners purchase RV insurance to protect their investments, but at the same time, they hope to not have to use it. So, why not take some preventive steps to reduce the chances of damages that would lead to filing a claim? Here’s how.

  1. Look under your RV once a month to check for leaks. A coolant leak can mean an overheated engine, a brake fluid leak can mean no brakes when you need to stop and a transmission leak can lead to a fire. Ensuring that you don’t have these leaks and getting any leaks fixed can keep you from having to use your RV insurance. Taking care of leaks will also keep you safe while driving your RV, and that is the most important reason to check for leaks once a month.
  2. Every time you have the oil changed, have the tires checked as well. You don’t want to be that person who leaves tire tread from blown out tires all over the road, or the person on the news because your RV turned over due to a blown out tire. So be sure and get your oil changed at a place that will also check your tires. It just takes a few extra minutes and is usually done free of charge.
  3. Start up the generator every month. Doing this keeps the moisture from building up and causing damage. This also lubricates the engine seals and can save you money in repairs.
  4. Have the belts and hoses inspected biannually. A blown hose or broken belt can cause significant damage in the engine area. So take preventive steps and avoid that damage. Taking care of the belts and hoses can also reduce roadside maintenance costs.

In addition to these four steps, have your brakes checked every time you have an oil change, and before you start driving be sure everything is secure inside. Safe travels!

Make sure your rolling home is covered before hitting the road. Call Casey Insurance Group at (888) 537-1412 for more information on Miami RV insurance.

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