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Home » 8 Things You Should Always Have on Your Boat
September 12, 2014

8 Things You Should Always Have on Your Boat

Fast BoatWhether you’re setting sail for the weekend or just the afternoon, there are several items that you should keep on board for your own protection. The following list includes just the basics, but you never know when these simple items can come in handy, or even save your life.

  1. Radio and/or cell phone: Being able to communicate with other vessels and the marina staff can be helpful in a variety of situations, particularly in case of emergency.
  2. Anchor: Every motor boat should carry an anchor on board to prevent the vessel from drifting downstream or running into the shoreline while docking. Anchors are crucial in emergency situations, including loss of power and stormy weather.
  3. Lifejackets: You should have enough appropriately sized lifejackets for everyone on board, especially children. These floatation devices have saved countless lives.
  4. First aid kit: The essential items necessary for treating minor wounds — bandages, antibacterial ointment, sterile gauze, cleansing pads etc. — should be stored on every boat. Additionally, brush up on first aid treatment so you can treat cuts and scrapes with ease.
  5. Blanket: As the weather cools down, there is an increased risk of hypothermia if you sit around in wet clothes. Blankets are a great way to raise your body temperature and absorb the excess moisture.
  6. Rope: This versatile tool comes in handy when you need to tie up to a dock or tree. It’s also useful for towing, for tying down equipment on deck and various other odd jobs.
  7. Multi-tool: If something needs repairing while on the water, you can usually fix it — or at least rig a temporary fix until you reach shore — with a multi-tool. Cable ties and duct tape are two more quick-fix items to keep handy.
  8. Flashlight: It’s easy to grab a flashlight when you need a little extra visibility in the dark, but it can also be used to signal for help.

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