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Home » How to Store Your Boat During Winter
December 26, 2013

How to Store Your Boat During Winter

Winter boat storageAny boat owner knows that their aquatic vehicles should be stored for the cold winter months, but with a variety of storage options, it can be hard to settle on the right location. However, before you store your boat, you must take certain steps to winter proof it for greater longevity over the years. You can turn to your owner’s manual for winter-proofing suggestions or hire a professional, but the most basic steps are to drain the fuel tank and to cover your boat.

Buy a quality boat cover made of strong, breathable and water-resistant material. This is not the area to skimp. Cheap and/or ill-fitting covers may affect the airflow, which can promote the growth of mildew. A custom cover is your best bet for great protection, if your budget allows for it. You may also chose to leave open containers of baking soda or commercial desiccate around your boat’s interior to prevent foul odors from developing.

Once your boat is ready for storage, it’s time to select a location. Choose from:

  • At home: This is the most cost-effective method of storage for trailerable boats, providing an easy, convenient solution so long as your boat is covered properly. Ensure that your homeowner’s association allows this type of storage before bringing your boat home.
  • Indoor storage: There is a range of indoor storage facilities to choose from, offering climate control, heat, etc. This option provides the most protection from the elements, but can be expensive and inconvenient depending on the location.
  • Boatyard: These facilities are generally cheaper than indoor storage and they specialize in the care of boats, which includes shrink-wrapping them for the winter to keep them dry and well-ventilated. If you partake in shrink-wrap, you won’t be able to access the interior of your boat while in storage.
  • Marina: If your marina allows your boat to stay on premises during winter, you can simply raise it out of the water. Some warmer climates may allow you to leave your boat in the water. Check with marine professionals about the requirements in your climate.

Proper storage of your boat keeps it in better condition so you can hit the water in the spring without having to first perform repairs. The better you take care of your boat, the more lazy afternoons you can spend on its deck.

Your boat needs care and attention year-round. Call Casey Insurance Group at 888-537-1412 for more information on boat insurance.

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