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Home » Five Common Boat Insurance Claims You Might Need to Make This Summer
August 20, 2013

Five Common Boat Insurance Claims You Might Need to Make This Summer

Whether you are a first time boat owner or a weathered professional, one thing you really should prepare for is the possibility of an insurance claim. If you own a boat or personal watercraft, you probably already have insurance for it. If you need insurance, this information will help you choose a plan that best covers your needs. Here are the top five insurance claims that boat owners may need to make while they are out enjoying themselves this summer.

1.Hitting a submerged object while cruising

Running over something underwater is very easy to do, especially in choppy, murky conditions. Fortunately, most Florida boat insurance policies will cover damage to a boat. Depending on what you hit, the damage can range from a scratched-up hull to rendering your boat or motor completely inoperable.

2.Theft while anchored

Most boats are very accessible, and thieves certainly know this. It is not easy to secure fishing gear, for example, which can easily cost up to thousands of dollars. This is one area where you really need to add up the value of your boat gear, and make sure your policy adequately covers it.

3.Collision with other boats while boating

Odd as it may seem, collisions happen frequently in the open water. Compounding this situation is the fact that the boat that you collide with may not have any insurance. The important thing to remember here is that uninsured boater coverage is usually optional. If you are going to use your boat in crowded lakes or rivers, uninsured coverage is recommended.

4.Storm damage while moored
Depending on where your boat is kept, storm damage can happen on a yearly basis. Insurance companies take your location into account when they issue you a quote, so the price you pay for coverage while moored will reflect the risk.

5.Theft while in storage

Boats are just as vulnerable when they are stored as when they are anchored. Nearly all boat insurance will cover the trailer, as well as the boat. Storing your boat in a secure area with restricted access is the best way to make sure that nobody drives off with your boat, but it definitely does happen. Since your boat is probably the second most expensive thing you own (your home usually costs more), get adequate coverage for it.
It is important to remember that you really don’t want to make any of these insurance claims if you don’t have to. Just like auto insurance, boat insurance has deductibles, so you will most likely need to pay out of pocket for some of the cost. The best thing to do is to go over your options carefully and choose enough protection to cover your boat this summer.

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