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Home » Do Moorings Affect Boat Insurance Premiums?
April 10, 2013

Do Moorings Affect Boat Insurance Premiums?

Quotations for Florida boat insurance can vary widely, according to your boat’s age, condition, type and value. One of the major factors influencing how much you can expect to pay is the perceived safety of your boat while it is moored. Insurance companies use claim statistics for boats kept in different types of moorings to calculate the premiums they need to charge.

Boats kept in private marinas are usually considered to be safer than boats moored using tidal or swing moorings. If you do use a swing mooring, it should be professionally laid and maintained regularly. Even so, your policy might require you to take the boat on shore for part of the year.

The location of the mooring is another factor that is taken into consideration when calculating insurance premiums, as well as its exposure to the wind. If your boat is susceptible to damage from wind or storms, your insurance premiums will be considerably higher. If you are looking to save money on boat insurance, consider changing the location where you moor your boat to somewhere more sheltered.

Keeping your boat on land for most or part of the year is usually a safe option, although your insurance policy will probably impose some conditions to ensure the security of your boat while it is ashore. For example, you will probably be required to clamp the wheels of the trailer holding your boat to prevent theft. Providing you comply with these conditions, keeping your boat on shore when it is not in use can be a good way to save money on boat insurance.

Choosing to take out an insurance policy that requires your boat to be kept ashore for part of the year can save you money, but if you opt for such a policy, you must comply with the terms and conditions. Make sure that your boat is not in the water at all during the specified lay up period. Leaving the boat on the mooring during the lay up period or returning it to the water before the period has ended could void your boat insurance policy. If your circumstances change after you take out this type of boat insurance policy, contact the insurance company to ask whether an agreement can be reached for you to take your boat out without voiding the policy. For an additional fee, you might be able to change the dates of the lay up period stipulated in your policy.

Remember – before you purchase any policy, make sure you know exactly what the conditions of the policy are. To get the best deal on boat insurance, always compare prices and make sure you give accurate information about the mooring of your boat. For more information on insuring your boat, please call Casey Insurance Group today on 888-537-1412.

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